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Corrugated plastic Sheets

Corrugated plastic Sheets are extruded twin-wall profile with two flat top and bottom layers connected by vertical ribs. It is made of high impact polypropylene resin.

Polypropylene Corrugated sheets have a high strength to weight ratio due to its structure of construction, and also have good cushioning property due to presence of air between two layers. This high ratio makes these sheets cost effective.

Polypropylene is an inert material, thus these sheets have many inherent advantages. Sheets are weather proof, water proof, oil proof, acid and alkali proof, termite proof, chemical proof. PP copolymer also has live hinge property, thus sheets find a wide indoor and outdoor application for signage, packaging, protection, construction; POS display stands, agriculture, and various engineering applications. These sheets are 100% recyclable thus environmental friendly.

Multiple uses of Corrugated Plastic Sheets

The use that this category of board is put to demonstrates its fantastic versatility. New uses are being identified regularly. Some of the multiple uses of the pp corrugated sheet are:

Corrugated Plastic Sheets
  1. Corrugated plastic sheets are available in wide variety of colors and can be readily used for printing, making it suitable for Signage. It can be printed by several methods like screen printing, flex printing, digital printing on flat bed. They are easily fixed using a wide variety of methods - its light weight being an important factor.
  2. Corrugated plastic sheets are best suited for Packaging as it is reusable, versatile, flexible and impact resistant. It is very easy to fabricate and can be handled on all paper corrugated box converting machines.Shipping glass bottles or jars has always been risky as breakage does occur due to vibrations and collisions during transit. Polypropylene Corrugated sheets are an ideal for returnable packaging, Corrugated Plastic Sheets can prevent your products from damages. It can be stapled, stitched, and ultrasonic welded and heat welded. It can be cut to any shape on platen punching, flat roller punching, and rotary punching or even by a hobby knife.
  3. Polypropylene Corrugated sheets are widely used in Construction. It finds application in floor protection, underground Form work, protection of water membrane, glass window protection. Multiple time reusability makes it very economical solution in various construction applications.
  4. PP corrugated sheets can be used in Agriculture as small tree gaurd, vine guard, trays for growing mushrooms, liner for water channels etc.
  5. The material is ideal for temporary shelters needed after any Natural Disaster like flood, earthquake etc. The lightweight sheets are easily transported by air. Easy to handle and fix to wooden frames their waterproof and insulating properties offer rapid shelter solutions when compared to traditional materials such as tarpaulins and corrugated steel sheets. Even complete disaster can be made with these sheets which can be erected at disaster site in 1 hour time.
  6. Corrugated plastic sheets are widely used as reusable layer pads for Storage and internal handling at any manufacturing unit. It can be used for engineering, plastic, cotton, fiber, glass bottles and various other industries as layer pad.

Lastly imagination is the end of application; due to ease of fabrication new applications are regularly developed by the genius people in need.

Price for Corrugated plastic Sheets

Keeping in mind the various salient features and numerous advantages, PP corrugated sheets are not expensive they works out to be reasonably priced.

corrugated sheets


corrugated plastic sheets


polypropylene corrugated sheets