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How Plastic Corrugated Sheets are used in Glass Industry ?

Shipping glass bottles or jars has always been a challenge as breakage does occur due to vibrations and collisions during transit. Polypropylene Corrugated sheets that also known as PP corrugated sheet can prevent your products from colliding with each other, which is a very innovative feature to assure your products are safe from damage.

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Polypropylene Corrugated sheets for construction sites

Floor protection by Corpac plastic corrugated sheets:- Floor protection At construction sites when the floor has been finished there are several works like plastering, electrical work, painting and false ceiling goes on to be finished.

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How PP Corrugated Sheets are different from other plastic in terms of harming?

Polypropylene plastic which is well known as the thermoplastic, it is one of the finest and safest plastic because of its temperament. Polypropylene corrugated sheets have many qualities which other plastics don’t have, for an instance- it is strong, tough, high resistance to electricity and heat and prevents from moisture. Due to be recyclable capability Peoples have made it a part of their lives. Generally, it is used as a container of foods, beverages and for the packaging of several products.

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