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Customers & Our Team

Customer satisfaction is one of the main aspects of Classic Enterprises managementsystem; our team’s commitment extends beyond customer satisfaction. We also strive to do everything right the first time and do our best to continuous improvement. Improving our process efficiency and effectiveness is a primary importance to us as a business entity.

Our Company's strategic vision is strongly driven by our customers’ needs. We are committed to fulfilling these needs and building long-term customer loyalty. We listen carefully to what are customers are telling us and tailor our deliverables to the customer’s individualized needs.

Company markets its products in India as well as export to various countries across Globe the product is well accepted both in the domestic and export market. It exports to 30 Countries. It has a long list of satisfied customers with whom business relationship is for more than 15 years. We don’t only sale the product but also care for the relationship with customers by giving them best quality products and services; our mission is to give priority for the customer satisfaction.

As per the CEO “Friendly nature and talent with clients, that focus on being attentive to the customer’s satisfaction.” Classic Enterprises works to build good repo with its customers from buying sheets to use that, we are here to provide assistance for every individuals wants and needs.Our Professional Services team works with customers to clearly identify your highest priority use cases—the ones that quickly deliver the greatest sheets and that align with your company’s goals with customer satisfaction.

"Customers may forget what you said but they'll never forget how you made them feel." Classic Enterprises team manager motivate his team by above quote and they have proven it by the customer satisfaction ratio increasing continually day by day in comparison to other plastic sheets manufacture & supplier.

Classic Enterprises Ltd has full fabrication facility in house to convert sheets into customized fabricated products. Our fabrication facility include platen punching and flatbed die cutting machines, roller cutting, ultrasonic welding, riveting, hot sealing and edge sealing etc.

We also offer custom made products

Polypropylene Corrugated Sheets

CORPAC Sheets are corona treated on both sides to a level of 48 Dynes/cm2 during production for good printability. The salient feature of the sheets makes it suitable for wide range of uses. Advertising, Packaging, Material Handling, Protection, Stationery, Construction are few to mention. We also provide warranty for above mention products as our motive is to build good repo by giving first priority to the customers.

We deliver quality product to the customer in stipulated period of time. Our clear business insight is grounded on vision to serve high quality products that are beyond the expectation of the customer. With the same, we efficiently provide prompt after sales services. Our business endeavour is aimed towards giving priority tocustomer satisfaction.